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Published on 08/07,2019

5 Benefts to Using a Packing Service for Your Home Move

Anyone who has moved to Winnipeg or other cities will tell you that packing for a move can be the hardest part of the entire relocation. Start with the decision of what should be moved, what can be sold or donated and what should be discarded. When you move, your "to-do list" will be long. Most people do not have the time or energy to pack their entire home, especially if they work full time. The easy answer is to let a professional moving company like Riteway moving do the work for you. Some of the benefits include:

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Getting exactly the right materials

When you choose to have your items packaged professionally, your Riteway Moving Advisor will calculate the amount of cardboard boxes of the appropriate size you need specifically for your move. These cardboard boxes will be of the highest quality to maximize the protection of your valuable possessions. Riteway packaging services will include specific cardboard boxes for specific items that include:


  • ·         2 cube boxes - for books and canned goods
  • ·         4 cube boxes - for small kitchen appliances
  • ·         Porcelain boxes - for plates, glassware or collectibles
  • ·         5 cube boxes - for pots and pans or lamps
  • ·         6 cube boxes - for bed linen and towels
  • ·         Closet boxes - for hanging clothes or curtains
  • ·         Spider boxes - for lighting fixtures
  • ·         Telescopic mirror boxes: for large paintings, paintings, mirrors or glass tables
  • ·         Telescopic flat screen TV boxes: for various sizes of televisions


In addition, a full range of protective wraps that include paper and bubble wrap

Professional Packing Equipment

Your Riteway packaging service will include a dedicated team of trained professional packers who have been trained in the best way to pack and protect your belongings. They can pack an entire house in one day!

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Properly labeled cartons

The packing service will ensure that the boxes are correctly marked as to the destination of the room and a general list of contents. This will ensure that your boxes are placed in the correct room at the destination

Saving you valuable time

With a professional packaging service, your time will be free to concentrate on other aspects of your next relocation

Unpacking moving cardboard boxes

With a professional packaging service, you will also be given the option of having an unpacking team trained at the destination to unpack your items. If you wish, you can organize a separate valet service to wash dishes and / or store items in cabinets or drawers. This will make it easier for you to settle in your new home.

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For more information on how Ritewaymoving can provide professional packaging services, contact us at (403) 714-7483.

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